Welcome to JuHa Ranch! 

JuHa Ranch is located in north Texas, just south of Dallas/Ft Worth. It’s your source for locally produced, sustainable food. We strive to follow ethical and sustainable practices to do our part in preserving and maintaining a wholesome agricultural life. Life at JuHa Ranch is a good life with peace of mind knowing we’re doing our part for healthy living on a threatened planet.

Our Practices

  • Raise animals for sustainable FOOD products without hormones or antibiotics
  • Use CONTROLLED GRAZING practices for weed and brush control instead of herbicides and pesticides
  • Maintain top notch BLOODLINE genetics in all stock raised
  • Conserve and develop WILDLIFE habitat and natural settings
  • Develop NATIVE GRASSLANDS and pastures to better suit the changing environment.

Our Business

JuHa Ranch provides high quality meat and eggs, trains and sells horses, and raises and trains working ranch dogs.

We care about the environment, our animals, and our customers.